Have you ever been fired up to reach your goal, made progress but fell back again because life kicked in. In the middle of fears and doubts, these eight entrepreneurs reached the better life they always knew was possible. Now they are calling on you to do the same.

Written by:

Rob Aalders, Jannie van den Boogaard, Henna Charry, Marieke Frankema, Debby Jaenicke, Justine Kluen, Talar Bogharian Partiyan and Natasa Sirnik



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Haal de Amazon Bestseller in huis en leer hoe 8 ondernemers van niets naar iets gingen! Gebruik dit boek als een handleiding naar succes!
Learn to make your upturn!
Learn how to face adversity
Be the best you
Find out how 8 entrepeneurs made it to their succes and how you can do it too!
Be on the upturn
Learn from these writers how YOU can be on the UPTURN!




A foreword by the authors

Have you ever been stuck in life, or in reaching your goals?
Are you searching for the better life you know is possible?

Read how the writers of Upturn felt yet took control of the situation and UPturned their life again.

Now they wish to inspire you to do the same!

Discover the winning mindset in these eight powerful stories and make it your own. It is time for you to make an UPTURN.

Are you ready for more?

Upturn Talar Bogharian Partiyan
Talar Bogharian Partiyan
Talar is an international educator that is on a quest to change the broken educational system. A teacherpreneur, no risk is too big for her to make an impact on learners. Knowing very well that students today are the leaders of the future, she is on an unstoppable chase. In this chapter, she is sharing her journey of transformation. She is also sharing the necessary skills to create a culture of thinking.
Upturn Jannie van den Boogaard
Jannie van den Boogaard
Jannie is an entrepreneur, a writing coach and full of passion for stories. In 2012 she started De Schrijverin, helping dozens of authors with their stories. In this book she shares her journey on how to conquer fear and take the jump towards your goals. Like the Eagle, she will teach her readers how to spread their wings.
Rob Aalders Upturn
Rob Aalders
Rob’s life took a big turn in 2012 when he lost his job and was faced with unemployment and financial uncertainty. In this book he shares his journey with his readers on how he managed to change his life around and accomplish his new set goals. Readers will learn as Rob walks them through his journey to success.
Natasa Sirnik Upturn
Natasa Sirnik
A civil engineer with a PhD in fluid mechanics and ecological modelling Natasa made an unconventional upturn in her life by letting go of the comfort of a traditional job to evolve as a healer and coach. In 2017 I started my own company, Fluid.S Consulting. In her chapter she aims is to empower people to start creating their lives energetically from the space of their own awareness, towards greater health, wealth and happiness.
upturn Debby Jeanicke
Debby Jeanicke
From a very unconventionally difficult childhood that made her carry scars for a very long time Debby was able to turn around her life. In this book Debby shares how, she is now focused on living a life of purpose. Her aim and passion is to share her knowledge with the world as a “Happy For No Reason” coach. Making the world a better place starting with you.
Marieke Frankema Upturn
Marieke Frankema
Creative centipede Marieke Frankema does everything she loves. She’s a dancer, singer, (voice) actress, writer, speaker, coach and entrepreneur, besides being a mother and wife.It is her mission to make this world a more beautiful place, and at the core of that mission there’s always stories.She’s very happy to share her story with all of you, and thereby help you to uncover the magic that is within you. Time to let it shine.
Justine Kluen Upturn
Justine Kluen
Justine is an inspired speaker who, driven by a great desire, motivates you to get rid of everything that brings you down, stops or discourages you in your life. Recently she started Speak UP! a liberating speaker platform for speakers, Spoken word artists and performers. In this chapter she shares her journey to success and readers can witness first hand that nothing is impossible.
Henna Charry Upturn
Henna Charry
Henna is not your average women, after being bed ridden for over 20 years; she reinvented herself and started a new life. In this book she shares her Upturn and how she achieved her goals, to transform people's lives through coaching, to becoming healthier in their thinking about their body and life.